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Submission for SHARE YOUR DECKS – GET TOKENS January 2024

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Submission for SHARE YOUR DECKS – GET TOKENS January 2024 Empty Submission for SHARE YOUR DECKS – GET TOKENS January 2024

Post by Yubelious! Sun Jan 07, 2024 1:32 am

Greetings and salutations.

Today I would like to share the 50 card Chair OTK deck that I use here on Dueling Nexus. I call it Lilius the Crazy Cat Lady, so named because her chairs are all covered in cats! (And a poser goat.)

This deck is made for RUSH Duels, and gives some really impressive screenshots. Although, it usually relies on a certain Zombie that enjoys showing up fashionably late. The deck has a tendency to lose to backrow, if it doesn't get to the removal in time for the hyper-excessive multi-OTK to happen. Another one of this deck's weaknesses is that a lot of the monsters don't have any attack points. So in the rare instances that you don't get to a boss that can tribute it off, you will unfortunately have to end on a 0 ATK fodder or 2 in attack position. Honestly, this risk in practice makes the deck so much more thrilling to play, especially when taking it pays off big.

A small aside, since Furtunate Cat doesn't recognize Straynge Cat when it's in your Graveyard, you don't get the summon, and as a result, you can never use it as 2 tributes for a Tribute Summon. I still run 1 regardless, since having a 4th monster for Straynge Gathering comes up often enough, and it adds an extra 0 ATK monster for Tama's ratio. As nice as 4 to 6 tributes is, the deck can still pilot well enough without it.

The goal of this deck is to summon Sevensgias, one of the strongest monsters in the game right now, and a tier 0 meta staple. As those who have played the game recently are well aware, this monster gains 700 ATK for each monster with a different type in your Graveyard, at the time of its activation. While this is sufficiently strong enough on its own to solo a whole game with only a couple types in your deck, covered by the most common goodstuff cards right now, I decided that I would go the Chair OTK route for this deck, for a few different reasons.

The obvious reason is multi-typing. I wanted a deck that could support as many different types as possible that all supported each other without being too random or losing consistency, without getting each other's way. Chair is a DARK deck, whose monsters differ from each other by their type, making it a contender for which deck to choose. The main deck has a whopping 10 different types with an 11th in the Fusion Deck. On a related note, the deck also runs all 6 Attributes for Sevens Road Magician, although this deck functions just fine with 5 Attributes.

While that much is blatantly obvious to anyone whose run Chair before, the main reason I actually picked this deck is because the Legend cards work really well in here. Due to the Lurker spam this deck is known for, this is a burn deck, meaning Magic Cylinder is a great pick for the deck, considering it can close out games even when I don't get the OTK. Shield & Sword doesn't negatively affect Sevensgias at all, since I can either play it before activating Wonder Fusion or live with a decrease of 500 ATK. And the recurable Great Maju Garzett, which sucks when you're trying to double 0, now fits into the deck far more seamlessly, by having Sevens Road Magician and Dragias to tribute. It can actually hold a board now!

Although many of the monsters start at 0 ATK, this deck's greatest strength is your Battle Phase, when some of the most massive beatsticks in the game slam into your opponent while they are at their most vulnerable. While some decks are putting up 2500-5000 ATK, this deck is pumping out 5000-10000 ATK monsters, pretty much every game. Literally double of the average non-OTK deck.

That's all I have to say about this deck for today. I do hope you will consider my submission good and valid for the event you're hosting, despite it not being TCG legal. Before I go, I'd also like to include a replay that I recorded with the deck just today.

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